What is the Sullivan Community Space?

Neill Sullivan - West Oakland Community-Focused Head of REO Homes

Neill Sullivan

Neill Sullivan is an entrepreneur and philanthropist that currently serves as the founder and president of REO Homes in Oakland. Outside of his professional work, Neill Sullivan is engaged in numerous charitable ventures, which includes promoting financial literacy and hosting free martial arts classes at the Sullivan Community Space.

Martial arts classes are just one of the many benefits of the Sullivan Community Space. Founded by Mr. Sullivan to serve the west Oakland community, the Sullivan Community Space offers free space for community members to meet and engage in recreational activities. The space maintains a particular focus on serving area youth.

To date, the primary use of the Sullivan Community Space has been to provide martial arts classes for local children. Martial arts benefits include improved health, discipline, and self-confidence among others. Classes are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and each class is designed for specific age groups. These groups include six to eight year olds, nine to 12 year olds, six to 12 year olds, and those 13 and older. The space is located at 1671 8th Street in Oakland, California. For additional information, visit www.sullivancommunityspace.com.

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