Oakland Home Values Continue to Rise

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Oakland Home Values
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A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, Neill Sullivan studied development economics and Spanish. Neill Sullivan leverages his experience to lead REO Homes, LLC; SMC East Bay; and Sullivan Management Company, LLC, in Oakland, California, which has seen considerable growth in home prices in recent years.

Since 2001, Oakland’s median home price has risen by an astounding 178 percent. As of June 2016, Oakland reported the biggest rise of the year in home appreciation in all of California and the largest increase in rent of the 50 biggest cities in the United States, per data gathered by Zillow. Further, Oakland’s home prices rose 16 percent to a median of $616,300, compared to prices in June 2015.

Oakland’s growth is largely attributed to high prices in San Francisco, but buyers and renters alike are also attracted to the city’s cultural offerings and diverse population. The city may continue to see growth, as Uber plans to open an office in the former Sears building in late 2017.


Playworks Turns Kids into Peer Counselors on the Playground

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Neill Sullivan is the founder of Sullivan Management Company and REO Homes, both headquartered in Oakland, California. Neill Sullivan and his companies are heavily involved in local charity and regularly contribute to important civic projects. Mr. Sullivan recently contributed funds to support the new Playworks program at Prescott Elementary School in West Oakland.

Playworks, an anti-bullying program, is now in full swing at more than 350 elementary schools in the United States. The program calls on exceptional students in the upper grades, asking them to become ambassadors to their peers during recess. These “junior coaches” keep an eye on their peers, and look for trouble.

If a conflict pops up on the playground, junior coaches help their peers and younger schoolmates resolve differences without name calling or violence. When someone is being treated unfairly or singled out, coaches help them feel included. Student coaches also do their part to encourage exercise and physical activity on the playground.

Some participating schools are reporting significant improvements to student conduct during recess. Administrators report a modest increase in physical activity and say that disciplinary referrals during recess have declined markedly.

Three Reasons That Learning Martial Arts is Good for Children

Neill Sullivan - West Oakland Community-Focused Head of REO Homes

Neill Sullivan

Sullivan Management Company and REO Homes founder Neil Sullivan preserves and restores vintage homes in various neighborhoods of Oakland and Berkeley, California. In addition, Neil Sullivan and his company actively participate in local community projects, notably Sullivan Community Space, which offered free martial arts classes for young people and adults during the fall of 2016.

Learning karate, judo, taekwondo, and other martial arts can be valuable for everyone, but it is particularly beneficial for young people.

1. Learning martial arts can help children learn to focus and be still. Martial arts facilities are not stocked with the same loud music and bright televisions that other athletic facilities favor. Students practice in an unplugged setting, where they must pay attention to their techniques and learn to identify weaknesses.

2. Martial arts helps kids gain confidence and self-respect. Learning self-defense brings confidence, while experiences with better and stronger athletes promote humility, respect, and a strong work ethic.

3. Martial arts are invaluable for conflict resolution. Although many students are excited to learn about strikes and kicks, they are always taught that these tools are not to be used to settle disputes. Respect for others is paramount in the martial arts.