Neill Sullivan - West Oakland Community-Focused Head of REO HomesNeill Sullivan is an Oakland, California, entrepreneur who guides REO Homes, LLC, and Sullivan Management Company, LLC (SMC). He had overseen the restoration of hundreds of East Bay homes that were vacant, suffered significant fire damage, or were deemed uninhabitable by municipal officials. Neill Sullivan emphasizes quick, responsive service and quality relations with his hundreds of tenants.

As part of his community-focused efforts with SMC and REO Homes, Mr. Sullivan has helped restore local churches and the homes of residents who have lived in the area for decades. He is also a member the San Francisco Tenderloin’s Glide Memorial Church and sponsors West Oakland institutions such as Prescott Elementary School and the Westside Missionary Baptist Church. Further, Mr. Sullivan contributes to community cleanup efforts and is a supporter of the Make a Joyful Noise initiative led by local pastors.

Neill Sullivan is also interested in promoting financial literacy in inner-city communities and breaking breaking cycles of poverty. He focuses particularly on early development education as a way of orienting youth toward college and fulfilling careers.


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