Martial Arts Classes Offer Many Personal Benefits to Young Students

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Martial Arts Classes

Neill Sullivan is a real estate investment executive and entrepreneur and the founder and president of the Sullivan Management Company and REO Homes. In addition to his work in real estate investment and renovation, Neill Sullivan is also a philanthropist who recently opened a community space where children and adults from the West Oakland, California, area can participate in no-cost martial arts classes.

Though practicing martial arts can yield substantial benefits for people of all ages, the discipline can have an especially profound effect on children. Over six million young people in the United States attend martial arts classes every year, with some medical professionals condoning participation in the activity for children as young as six years old.

Apart from the obvious fitness benefits, martial arts are an excellent way for children to learn self-discipline. The practice necessitates patience and concentration, and teaches children how to focus on a single task and persist until they achieve a desired goal. Additionally, studying martial arts teaches young students about respect. Instructors demand the respect of their pupils, and teach them the importance of respecting themselves, their parents, and their peers in the process.

The ability to work through the belt ranking system within martial arts also provides young students with a sense of achievement each time they attain a goal within a dojo. Earning a new belt and feeling more secure about their ability to defend themselves helps young martial arts students develop a healthy level of self-confidence that naturally carries over into other areas of life.


Benefits of Urban Tree Planting

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Urban Tree Planting

A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, Neill Sullivan manages SMC, LLC, and REO Homes, LLC, the latter of which specializes in the restoration of vintage houses. Through his position with both companies, Neill Sullivan has played an active role in beautifying West Oakland by planting hundreds of trees.

A 2012 report compiled by an environmental group in Indianapolis highlighted the numerous benefits of planting trees in urban areas. Aside from improving air quality and reducing carbon dioxide, the benefits of urban planting range from energy saving to community building.

Referencing a University of Illinois study, the report notes that urban areas with a high volume of trees have fewer and less-violent crimes than those without. Ultimately, the greener the neighborhood, the lower the crime rate. Separate studies showed that trees not only reduce noise pollution in neighborhoods, but also have relaxing qualities and numerous healing powers. For instance, the presence of trees outside a home can reduce UV-B exposure by about 50 percent, limiting the possibility of skin cancer.

The Benefits of Trees in the Community


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An Oakland-based business executive, Neill Sullivan is the founder and president of SMC and REO Homes in California. A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, Neill Sullivan is also an active member of his community. In addition to founding a local community center, Mr. Sullivan is engaged in efforts that range from enhancing financial literacy to helping the environment.

These environmental-improvement efforts have included funding to plant hundreds of trees in West Oakland. According to the Ecology Global Network, trees benefit communities by improving the quality of air and water, providing energy savings, and even providing social benefits. Some examples of how trees can help communities include:

Filtering pollutants in the air, such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxides

Reducing topsoil erosion and lowering the amount of water communities must manage during storms

Reducing the reliance on air conditioning for homeowners with trees in their yards

Speeding healing time for medical patients and increasing relaxation and overall well being

SMC East Bay Funds Playworks Program at Prescott Elementary School


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Neill Sullivan leads as president of Sullivan Management Company, LLC; SMC East Bay; and REO Homes, LLC. Committed to improving the West Oakland, California, community, Neill Sullivan has made significant charitable contributions, including a $10,000 donation in conjunction with the team at SMC East Bay to support Prescott Elementary School’s Playworks program.

Prescott Elementary School was chosen to take part in the Playworks program, which revolutionizes school recess by building an environment in which all children feel included, actively participate in activities, and develop social skills. The progress made on the playground extends to the classroom, helping to reduce conflict and stress.

By donating $10,000 to the Prescott Elementary School’s Playworks program, Sullivan and the SMC East Bay team got the school started on the way to reaching its fundraising goal of $32,000. With the initial donation, Coach Adam was able to successfully begin the Playworks program at Prescott Elementary School and help improve the lives of youth in West Oakland.