Martial Arts Classes Offer Many Personal Benefits to Young Students

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Martial Arts Classes

Neill Sullivan is a real estate investment executive and entrepreneur and the founder and president of the Sullivan Management Company and REO Homes. In addition to his work in real estate investment and renovation, Neill Sullivan is also a philanthropist who recently opened a community space where children and adults from the West Oakland, California, area can participate in no-cost martial arts classes.

Though practicing martial arts can yield substantial benefits for people of all ages, the discipline can have an especially profound effect on children. Over six million young people in the United States attend martial arts classes every year, with some medical professionals condoning participation in the activity for children as young as six years old.

Apart from the obvious fitness benefits, martial arts are an excellent way for children to learn self-discipline. The practice necessitates patience and concentration, and teaches children how to focus on a single task and persist until they achieve a desired goal. Additionally, studying martial arts teaches young students about respect. Instructors demand the respect of their pupils, and teach them the importance of respecting themselves, their parents, and their peers in the process.

The ability to work through the belt ranking system within martial arts also provides young students with a sense of achievement each time they attain a goal within a dojo. Earning a new belt and feeling more secure about their ability to defend themselves helps young martial arts students develop a healthy level of self-confidence that naturally carries over into other areas of life.


Three Reasons That Learning Martial Arts is Good for Children

Neill Sullivan - West Oakland Community-Focused Head of REO Homes

Neill Sullivan

Sullivan Management Company and REO Homes founder Neil Sullivan preserves and restores vintage homes in various neighborhoods of Oakland and Berkeley, California. In addition, Neil Sullivan and his company actively participate in local community projects, notably Sullivan Community Space, which offered free martial arts classes for young people and adults during the fall of 2016.

Learning karate, judo, taekwondo, and other martial arts can be valuable for everyone, but it is particularly beneficial for young people.

1. Learning martial arts can help children learn to focus and be still. Martial arts facilities are not stocked with the same loud music and bright televisions that other athletic facilities favor. Students practice in an unplugged setting, where they must pay attention to their techniques and learn to identify weaknesses.

2. Martial arts helps kids gain confidence and self-respect. Learning self-defense brings confidence, while experiences with better and stronger athletes promote humility, respect, and a strong work ethic.

3. Martial arts are invaluable for conflict resolution. Although many students are excited to learn about strikes and kicks, they are always taught that these tools are not to be used to settle disputes. Respect for others is paramount in the martial arts.

Cal Football Players on Award Watch List

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Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award

A graduate of University of California, Berkeley, with a bachelor’s degree in economics and Spanish, Neill Sullivan is the founder and president of REO Homes, LLC. Focusing on renovating, restoring, and preserving Victorian and vintage homes throughout Oakland and Berkeley, California, Neill Sullivan has almost a decade of real estate experience. When Mr. Sullivan is not restoring homes and managing rental properties, he supports the University of California, Berkeley, Golden Bears football program.

Among 41 top collegiate football players in the nation named to the Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award preliminary finalist list are UC Berkeley’s senior quarterback, David Webb of Prosper, Texas, and junior running back Vic Enwere of Missouri City, Texas. Now in its fourth season, the Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award recognizes the best Division I offensive football player exhibiting performance, integrity, sportsmanship, teamwork, drive, and determination and tenacity to overcome injury and adversity in pursuit of achieving goals. Candidates must have been born in the state of Texas, graduated from a high school in the state of Texas, or played football at a junior college or four year university in the state of Texas.

The 16 semifinalists for the award will be announced in November, followed by the nomination of five finalists in December. The recipient of the Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award will be revealed at a banquet on January 11, 2017.