SMC East Bay Funds Playworks Program at Prescott Elementary School


Playworks pic


Neill Sullivan leads as president of Sullivan Management Company, LLC; SMC East Bay; and REO Homes, LLC. Committed to improving the West Oakland, California, community, Neill Sullivan has made significant charitable contributions, including a $10,000 donation in conjunction with the team at SMC East Bay to support Prescott Elementary School’s Playworks program.

Prescott Elementary School was chosen to take part in the Playworks program, which revolutionizes school recess by building an environment in which all children feel included, actively participate in activities, and develop social skills. The progress made on the playground extends to the classroom, helping to reduce conflict and stress.

By donating $10,000 to the Prescott Elementary School’s Playworks program, Sullivan and the SMC East Bay team got the school started on the way to reaching its fundraising goal of $32,000. With the initial donation, Coach Adam was able to successfully begin the Playworks program at Prescott Elementary School and help improve the lives of youth in West Oakland.


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