How Meditation Can Positively Change Your Way of Thinking

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President of REO Homes and Sullivan Management Company, Neill Sullivan preserves, restores, and renovates houses throughout Berkley and Oakland. He converts unlivable and unsafe homes into beautiful houses for families. Away from his work duties, Neill Sullivan enjoys meditating.

Meditation can positively alter the brain. According to Psychology Today, by sitting down for just 15-30 minutes each day, you can take on life at a more positive approach and improve the way you interact with others. Meditation can influence key areas of the brain, such as the lateral prefrontal cortex and the medial prefrontal cortex.

The lateral prefrontal cortex is a portion of your brain that gives you the ability to look at situations from a balanced, logical, and rational standpoint. This portion of the brain is involved with overriding automatic behaviors, decreasing how an individually takes a comment personally, and modulating emotional responses.

The portion of the brain that reminds you of your experiences and perspective is the medial prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is all about you and how you reflect on yourself, think about the future, or engage with others.

By meditating routinely, you can bring about positive changes by breaking down the connection between the bodily sensation of fear and the “me center,” which is the medial prefrontal cortex. Neural paths that link anxiety sensations to the “me center” decrease with meditation. Another way that meditation works is by forming a healthy connection between fear and the lateral prefrontal cortex by allowing you to view a situation with a rational perspective.