Three Reasons That Learning Martial Arts is Good for Children

Neill Sullivan - West Oakland Community-Focused Head of REO Homes

Neill Sullivan

Sullivan Management Company and REO Homes founder Neil Sullivan preserves and restores vintage homes in various neighborhoods of Oakland and Berkeley, California. In addition, Neil Sullivan and his company actively participate in local community projects, notably Sullivan Community Space, which offered free martial arts classes for young people and adults during the fall of 2016.

Learning karate, judo, taekwondo, and other martial arts can be valuable for everyone, but it is particularly beneficial for young people.

1. Learning martial arts can help children learn to focus and be still. Martial arts facilities are not stocked with the same loud music and bright televisions that other athletic facilities favor. Students practice in an unplugged setting, where they must pay attention to their techniques and learn to identify weaknesses.

2. Martial arts helps kids gain confidence and self-respect. Learning self-defense brings confidence, while experiences with better and stronger athletes promote humility, respect, and a strong work ethic.

3. Martial arts are invaluable for conflict resolution. Although many students are excited to learn about strikes and kicks, they are always taught that these tools are not to be used to settle disputes. Respect for others is paramount in the martial arts.

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