KIPP Bridge Charter School – Quality Education for Oakland


KIPP Bridge Charter School Image:

KIPP Bridge Charter School

Neill Sullivan, the founder-president of Sullivan Management Company and REO Homes in Oakland, California, serves the public interest with involvement in community groups. Through one such community-centered program, Neill Sullivan hires paid interns from KIPP Bridge Charter School in Oakland.

One of several local KIPP schools, KIPP Bridge’s intention is for its K-8 students to develop critical thinking skills and excellence in writing and reading. By encouraging diversity, the school strives to place its students in colleges and positions of community leadership.

Located in West Oakland, KIPP Bridge offers a college preparatory curriculum with no tuition fees to 315 students. Enrollment focuses on diversity in all its forms. African-American students make up 68 percent of the student body, along with 22 percent Latino, 5 percent Asian, and 6 percent of students reporting their race as other. Ten percent of students are English Language Learners and 5 percent have special needs.

Along with other Bay-area KIPP facilities, KIPP Bridge exceeds test scores for mathematics and reading. Another measure of success is the average two hours spent nightly by students on homework. One factor in these achievements is the 21-1 teacher-student ratio. After graduation from KIPP schools, 85 percent of alumni go on to college.

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